About Our BBQ Sauces

We pride ourselves on making juicy, delicious BBQ that does not "need" BBQ sauce. At the same time, the right sauce can compliment the smoke and rub flavors and really put the meats over the top.

In our first couple of years of catering we developed a lot of sauce recipes. It was a gradual, trial and error approach that resulted in some amazing (and some not so amazing) BBQ sauces. As Mac said at one point after weeks of almost nightly sweet sauce experimentation, he'd made some sauces the dog wouldn't even eat!

In the end, our persistence paid off. Our base lineup of three sauces are all amazing, and includes something for everyone. Whether you like thin & spicy, thick & rich, or somewhere in the middle, we've got you covered. There is just enough overlap in flavor profiles to all be unmistakably Smoke-N-Shine, while each sauce is very unique.

Like our meats and sides, our sauces are influenced by many BBQ regions and styles. The final results compliment and represent Smoke-N-Shine Virginia-style BBQ very well. Of course these sauces aren't just great on our BBQ - you should try them on all your foods!

Ingredients & Packaging

Our sauces are All Natural, with no preservatives or HFCS. They are made to our precise recipes and bottled at Bobbees Bottling in NC, a great family-run business. We start with a delicious, no-HFCS version of Red Gold ketchup, made from fresh tomatoes grown on family farms in three Midwest states.  The remaining ingredients are of equally high quality, resulting in the inclusion of our sauces in the very selective Virginia's Finest program.

You'll also notice that we bottle in authentic Mason jars. We encourage you to save and reuse your jars after you get those last few drops of delicious BBQ sauce out of them!

The All Star Lineup

Virginia Heat

Virginia Heat was one of our early formulations, and was our first professionally-bottled sauce. Heat has the same ketchup base as all of our sauces, but we thin that out with a good mix of apple cider and white vinegars. We use a spicy chili powder to give this it's kick, then mix in a little cumin for a Central-Texas "twang."

The result is a thin & spicy sauce that tastes great and has enough kick to really wake up your taste buds. While that heat will get your attention, it is not an overbearing burn that continues to build.

We love Virginia Heat on almost everything, but it is especially good on pulled pork and wings. You should also break it out at breakfast time - it is amazing on scrambled eggs, omelets, breakfast burritos, hash browns/home fries, etc.! While it's not an overpowering heat, you really can think of it as a smoky, flavorful hot sauce, and use it accordingly.

Virginia Sweet

Neither of us are big sweet sauce fans, but we know a lot of people out there are. And just because you have a sweet tooth, you shouldn't have to eat Sweet Baby Ray's, or whatever other mass-produced BBQ sauce your local grocery store or Wal-Mart carries.

Unlike Heat, we leave the vinegar out of this one, allowing the natural sweetness of the Red Gold ketchup to come through. We compliment that with the perfect blend of brown sugar, molasses, and pineapple juice. The result is a thick & rich sauce that will amaze you with its great flavors. It's smoky, without over doing it, and it's sweet without being sickly sweet.

This stuff is so good that we've even become sweet sauce converts! If you do want sauce on your ribs or brisket, this is a great one to try. If it's our ribs or brisket, we recommend a little Virginia Sweet on the side, and dip as desired. If it's less tender and flavorful meat (not saying yours is), feel free to give it a good coating of Virginia Sweet.

Virginia Fusion

Fusion was kind of an accident (sometimes the best things are!). We were already bottling Heat and Sweet, when a friend told us one day that he mixed those two and loved the result. We of course recreated the experiment and were blown away by the result. We still can't explain how the result is so different than the other two sauces, and at the same time so balanced and delicious.

We're not sure we could have ever come up with a flavor profile this good from scratch. We had a develop a great spicy sauce and a great sweet sauce separately, and then merge them. This really is the best of both worlds. You get some of the vinegar, spicy chili powder, and cumin from Heat, and the trifecta of sweeteners from Sweet. All grounded by the same Red Gold ketchup base, of course.

This sauce goes great on everything! It is our go to sauce for grilled chicken at catering events. If you brush it on the last 10 minutes or so of cooking, those sugars will caramelize perfectly. And while it has a little kick to it, it is mild enough for all but the most sensitive of palettes. It also goes great with pulled pork, ribs, and brisket.

Where to Buy our Sauces

Retail Locations

A lot of great retailers carry our BBQ sauces, from BBQ supply stores, high-end meat markets, Ace Hardware stores, and other specialty stores that carry high-quality and local food items. While most of our retailers are in Northern Virginia, we are also in select stores in PA, MD, WV, Virginia Beach, NC, KY, and FL.

Online Ordering

Online ordering is coming soon! In the meantime, contact us and let us know what sauces and how many you want and we'll take care of you.